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What is BADA

BADA is the next generation cloud banking system proven in the top tier banks and Bigtech led Internet Banks.

BADA is Cloud Native Banking as a Service for Every Banks Powered by BANKWARE Core Banking Technology.

Key Features of BADA

  • Real - time data monitoring
  • Validation to minimize operational errors
  • Integrated control and view (ex. CASA&Ioan acoounts for a customer)
  • Maker - checker mechanism to ensure trasaction validity
  • Interbank funds transfer witd 3rd party services (ex. InstaPay, BancNet, etc)
  • Various daily reports
  • Automated interests and fee calculation
  • Secured infra and encrypted data
  • Instant posting (including discounted payments)

Using Product Factory Build New Products Quick and Easy

and Make Your Business Agile with Configuration Portal

Dedicated BADA Team Support You 24 x 7

Robust and Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud-based banking platform

    • BADA runs on AWS or any other Cloud service with Kubernetes
    • BADA is designed to work with low Internet connection speeds, enabling you to serve clients in rural areas with limited network bandwidth.
    • CCloud native application will be scaled to follow your business scale
  • Automated management

    • Kubernetes(k8s) is the most popular solution for automatic infra management.
    • BADA has several containers to run the service with microservice architecture.
    • K8s and AWS provide the auto-scaling feature to follow your traffic increment.
    • Automatic update without service stop
  • Secure data

    • Your business data and your clients’ data is stored in automated backup support database to ensure business continuity.
    • Various security features reduce the risk of losing client data, security breaches and hijacking.
  • Private workspace

    • BADA provides private workspace for each institution (Every workspace is separated from each other).
    • All the resources in the workspace, including database, serve only one institution.

Industry Standard Secure Environment

  • Client security

    • Use virtual keypad to protect MPIN for every channel (web and mobile).
    • Mobile anti-forgery solution is included to protect mobile APP for any kind of forgery and rooting.
    • Annual penetration test done for the known security issue and OWASP top 10.
  • Network security, Message validation Use SSL protocol.

    • Every input message goes through validation and checksum to protect message forgery.
    • Use JWT to protect session hijacking.
    • AWS WAF(Web Application Firewall) and CloudFront block the cyber attack & floods.
  • Data encryption

    • AWS RDS provide instance encryption to protect database.
    • Encryption key is stored AWS KMS with autogeneration and system operator cannot access the key.
    • Important information (i.e. login password) are encrypted with secure algorithms.
  • Firewall and access control

    • Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system monitor the whole network access.
    • WAF(Web Application Firewall) is prevent any kind of web application attack.
    • Firewall and security group can manage whitelist to control the network access.